Checklists. It’s what botanists of my predilection do on a regular basis. Engage in ecological or floristic work of any sort and doing checklists are unavoidable. I thought it might be a fun idea to do up checklists of the plants in the places I get to visit, in particular some of those places that I get to visit on a regular basis.

Obviously none of these checklist are going to be complete but I thought it might be a good reference for myself and anyone who might want to visit some of these places. I also thought that having these checklists online would make them easy to update anytime I get to revisit a place and see more things.

Diprose Crown Land, Northern Midlands
Leonard Wall – Valley Street Reserve
St. Margaret’s Church & Cemetery
Taranna, Tasman Peninsula – Heath at Gourlay Rd
Township Lagoon, Tunbridge

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