Welcome to TASMANIAN PLANTS. As the name suggests, TASMANIAN PLANTS is a web-blog about all things related to the maniacal pursuit of Tasmanian plants; their natural history and botany.

As the science of botany progresses it becomes increasingly ensnared by jargon and complexity.

Naiveté is lost. Beauty diminishes.

Nevertheless, science is still a compelling way of comprehending the world around us.

I believe that incorporating into natural history what science has to offer, and vice versa, will enhance our appreciation of plants as a whole. Therefore, as far as possible, I will try to use the common names for the plants I am writing about (see the Little Book of Common Names for Tasmanian Plants). To make the blog as visually engaging as possible, I will endeavor to use photographs wherever possible. These photographs, mostly mine, are hosted in my Flickr and Picasa Web Album accounts.

This blog will include articles on Tasmanian plants, gastronomical adventures of bush tucker plants (see DISCLAIMER), logs of field trips to various parts of Tasmania; flora checklists of various localities; random pictures of whatever happens to be flowering or fruiting; digested and regurgitated scientific fodder relating to Tasmanian plants; records of new species (if I can keep up with the literature) and more…

Endless thanks Silver Huang for helping with the blog setup and other technical details.

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