Checklist – Township Lagoon, Tunbridge

Despite being one of the most barren-looking places in Tasmania, particularly in drought years, the Township Lagoon, Tunbridge is really a hotspot for rare plants. I have erected a very provisional native plant checklist here based on 4 visits I have made to the place. There has been some published work on the flora of the Township Lagoon by Zacharek et al. (1997) which I will eventually incorporate into the current checklist after I visit the place a few more times.

Acaena echinata Spiny Sheepsburr ROSACEAE
Apium annuum Annual Sea-celery APIACEAE
Asperula conferta Common Woodruff RUBIACEAE
Austrodanthonia sp. POACEAE
Austrostipa nodosa Knotty Speargrass POACEAE
Austrostipa scabra speargrass POACEAE
Brachyscome rigidula Cutleaf Daisy ASTERACEAE
Calocephalus lacteus Milky Beautyheads ASTERACEAE
Chrysocephalum apiculatum Common Everlasting ASTERACEAE
Convolvulus angustissimus var. angustissimus Blushing Bindweed CONVOLVULACEAE
Craspedia glauca? Common Billybuttons ASTERACEAE
Daviesia sejugata Leafy Spiky Bitterpea FABACEAE
Dianella amoena Grassland Flaxlily LAXMANNIACEAE
Elymus scaber Rough Wheatgrass POACEAE
Geranium sp. GERANIACEAE
Leucochrysum albicans ssp. albicans var tricolor Grassland Paperdaisy ASTERACEAE
Lawrencia squamatus Thorny Saltmallow MALVACEAE
Leptorrhynchos squamatus Scaly Buttons ASTERACEAE
Lomandra nana Dwarf Mat-rush LAXMANNIACEAE
Pimelea humilis Dwarf Riceflower THYMELAEACEAE
Pimelea glauca Smooth Riceflower THYMELAEACEAE
Plantago varia Variable Plantain PLANTAGINACEAE
Prasophyllum tunbrigense Tunbridge Leek-Orchid ORCHIDACEAE
Ptilotus spathulatus Pussytail AMARANTHACEAE
Puccinella stricta Saltmarshgrass POACEAE
Schoenoplectus pungens Sharp Clubsedge CYPERCEAE
Schoenus sp? CYPERCEAE
Scleranthus diander Turfed Knawel CARYOPHYLLACEAE
Selliera radicans Shiny Swampmat GOODENIACEAE
Stackhousia subterranea Grassland Candles STACKHOUSIACEAE
Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass POACEAE
Vittadinia burbidgeae Smooth New-Holland-Daisy ASTERACEAE
Vittadinia gracilis Wooly New-Holland-Daisy ASTERACEAE
Vittadinia mulleri Narrowleaf New-Holland-Daisy ASTERACEAE
Wilsonia rotundifolia Rondleaf Wilsonia CONVOLVULACEAE

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